Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam New Illustration Waverider Outdoor Compatible Sticker


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Size: Approx. H12 x W9.8cm
-This product is not suitable for rough or curved surfaces where strong adhesive strength is required.
-Moisture or dirt on the surface to which the sticker is attached will weaken the adhesive strength. Please make sure that the surface is clean and free from water and dirt, and apply pressure to the entire surface of the sticker and stick it firmly.
-Do not stick the sticker on paper or other materials that may be damaged when peeling it off.
-Do not stick it on PE (polyethylene) material, embossed or coated small boxes, wood or stone (natural objects), jute bags, or non-woven fabrics.
-Do not use the product in a high-temperature place such as near the engine of a motorcycle, or in a low-temperature environment such as a refrigerator. It may cause the adhesive strength to decrease.
-Depending on the material and location, the sticker may come off easily.
-Please note that there may be a mark left on the surface when removing the sticker.
(It is possible to remove the sticker cleanly by warming the surface of the sticker before peeling it off.)
-The estimated durability is about 1-2 years, although it varies depending on the usage conditions and the surrounding environment after the sticker is applied.
(Retention period of adhesive strength and printing)


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