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Our Mission

We are here to provide a safe hub for everyone to share and enjoy each other’s hobbies!
To play a game against each other with good sportsmanship,
To show who has more skills,
To see who is victorious!
To play with friends and family working towards a common goal,
To see who owns the most property,
To see who is king!
To enjoy another’s artwork,
To see how another’s ideas are a beautiful mess,
To share how someone’s wealth is not quantified by money, but by how much they love their collectibles!
Our mission is and always will be to provide a safe haven to enjoy one another’s company!

About Us

It all began with strangers who became friends while searching for collectibles. This camaraderie of collecting together created a bond between us. Through this bond, our friendship and our dream became a place to focus our hobbies and share them with others. One person loves displaying art. One loves card and video games. Another loves the bonds of friendship they create by playing board games with others. Through our friendship, this place exists and we want to share that bond with you! We are BOUNTY XP Game Center and it is our pleasure to serve you!

Meet Our Team


Has been attached to a PC for as long as he can remember.

Favorite Anime: Code Geass
Favorite Video Game: Heroes of the Storm (PC)
Favorite Board Game: One Night Ultimate Werewolf
Favorite Toy: F.T.N. Janky by Mark Gmehling
Favorite Drink: Ramu Bottle Ramune Soda


Pretends to sleep as she reads or plays Facebook games on her phone.

Favorite Anime: I have too many to list.
Favorite Game:
Favorite Game:
Favorite Candy: whistling candy
Hobbies: crocheting, reading


Sleep is love. Sleep is life. Anime is a close second.

Favorite Anime: Which anime season?
Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy series
Favorite VR Game: Beat Saber
Favorite Food: nothing spicy or weird looking
Favorite Drink: milk tea and variations