Store Hours

Wednesday – Sunday
2 pm – 10 pm

Please, no loitering.

All we ask for is a purchase during your visit to keep our doors open.
Thank you for your cooperation!

We no longer provide video game/virtual reality stations.


Six 8 ft. tables
Seating for 36-64 players
Full Mesh Office Chairs
Complimentary Water
Air Conditioning/Heating
Air Filtration (2.5 air changes per hour)
Complimentary Wi-Fi
Restroom Available

Product Requests

If there is a product we do not stock and you’d like to see us carry it, please submit a quick Product Request Form by clicking here.

Players Club Update

Due to market and economic conditions, we will begin a new service in September 2022 for players that wish to play in our shop in hopes of continuing to stay in business in our current form. Bounty XP is well regarded as a welcoming, fairly priced, judgment-free, hospitable, and community centered local game shop. We want to keep it this way!

There will be a daily service charge of $5 per player for a daily pass valid for the whole day. We will also start a monthly membership program for frequent patrons at $25/month per player with membership benefits including, but not limited to, our current offering of amenities, board game library, rewards point program, increase in store credit percentage on trade-ins.

We hope that you’ll support us by allowing us to continue providing amazing customer service and a wider product selection to our patrons.

Board Games

Board games have returned!
Free to play for a limited time until September 2022.

We have a hand picked library of board games available for our players to play in our shop.

Over 200 games in our collection available now!

Click here to see our full library of board games!

TCG Tournament Schedule

Thursdays 6:00 pm

Magic: The Gathering
Fridays 6:00 pm

Cardfight!! Vanguard
Saturdays 6:30 pm
Check calendar for format of the week!

Weiß Schwarz Japanese
Sundays 6:15 pm
(EN allowed following JP rules and ban list)

Sundays 2:30 pm

Rebirth For You

Gate Ruler

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